Hi, I’m Eron Zehavi

Writer + Orator + Coach + Worldbridger

I am here to create, to laugh, to love, to dance, to share, to sing, to build, to serve, and to celebrate the impermanence of our wondrous adventure as humans Being.

Some things I’ve done include: Co-founding a bootstrapped start-up and seeing it through a $60 Million Series A; co-founding a social engagement movement that reached millions of people in support of the global refugee crisis; surviving a 40-foot freefall in the middle of the desert; navigating through the shift of experiencing life as a paraplegic; parenting my two favorite humans in the whole Universe; traversing through the depths of my consciousness and multidimensional Self; and spending countless hours studying, contemplating, questioning, appreciating, and writing about the profound, magical, heart-breaking, heart-mending, heart-opening, Soul-expanding, and wonderfully absurd experience that we call Life.


We are living in a time of COHERENCE, witnessing and facilitating the convergence of science and spirituality, heart and mind, purpose and profession.

We are living in a time of REMEMBRANCE, consciously becoming more aware that we are now, and always have been, the creators of our existence.

We are living in a time of RADICAL COOPERATION, harmonizing ourselves together as we recognize that we are all inextricably connected to one another.

We are living in a time of DISRUPTION, where old models and ways of being are dissolving in and all around us, giving way for healthier paradigms to emerge.

We are living in a time of SANCTITY, tapping into the deep-rooted knowledge that every breath we take is the greatest gift we could ever receive.

We are living in a time of EXUBERANCE, cherishing the magical illusion we call reality as we get to traverse through the ultimate alchemist’s playground.

We are living in a time of EMBODIMENT, stewarding the responsibility and opportunity that comes with every aspect of our Self being made up of the Energy that creates worlds.

The Game is Life,

the Mission is Peace,

the Time is Now.

Let’s Play.